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Kids Fashion Social Media Templates 1780909 -  FREE DOWNLOAD

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Kids Fashion Social Media Templates 1780909

In Social Media Templates Pack Vol.14 you'll find 12 readymade templates for Photoshop & Illustrator. These social media templates provide a shortcut to creating professional Instagram, Facebook & Twitter posts or ads with just a few minutes editing. With their line-icon style, these templates offer a truly modern design option for brands that want to keep their marketing current and up to date. This set of templates are ideal for kids fashion brands, retailers, children's events and schools. Each template is square with a dimension of 1,200px x 1,200px. This makes them ideal to use as Instagram templates, but they can also be posted to other social networks as well. The templates feature very trendy design styles with functional and easy to edit layouts. For the most part, all you need to do is edit the text and let the templates do the rest. All previewed stock photos are included with the templates, but you can easily change the images to your own photographs if you wish. Whether you're using these social media templates to promote your own business or if you're working on behalf of a client, we're sure you'll be seriously impressed with the results.


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